12 Jul 2009

A New Beginning

Last year my war memorial website disappeared overnight when the ISP withdrew free space with no notice. Since then I seem to have had too many fingers in other pies to get anything online again. A great many people have contacted me to know if it will reappear sometime, somewhere, so this is an experiment, to see if war memorial research will fit comfortably into such a simple concept as a blog. I know from experience how quickly Blogger posts are scooped up by search engines, and also that most visitors to memorial sites are drawn there by a particular name cropping up on a search, so perhaps this will be the start of a worthwhile experiment - if not, then nothing lost! All the content of the original site survives, but some will be reduced here for the sake of brevity - hopefully the details of the men themselves will appear complete.

1 comment:

Paul Nixon said...


Sorry to hear about the loss of your other site. I have seven blogs currently, all on Blogger. Five are WW1/military history related and two are ramblings on life in India. I've always been impressed by Blogger which, being owned by Google, features in search results at the speed of light. And I think you certainly can use a blog for In Memoriam type exercises. I've been running my WW1 Remembrance site for under two months and have already had contact from a relative of one of the men I'd commemorated at random. Good luck with your project and I'm plkeased to be the first follower of it.